Collection: Egress System Kits

Redi-Exit Egress System Kits come with an Egress Window, Egress Well, Well Ladder and Clip-on Clear LEXAN Sloped Clam Shell Egress Cover. All these products meet the current International Residential Code (IRC) which is the code all municipalities follow when writing their local codes. These four products are the parts typically needed to install a basement egress system.

Casement In Swing:

Our 42” or 49” wide wells are supplied with your choice of either a 27” wide x 45” high x 3 ¼” jamb depth or 31” wide x 40” high x 8” jamb depth Casement In-swing Egress Windows that are energy star rated with a U-factor of 0.26. They can be flipped over to change the hinge from the left side the right side as both surfaces have weep holes.       

Economy Egress Wells & Well Ladders:

Economy Egress Wells and Well Ladders supplied as part of our kits meet all current IRC Code requirements. The one-piece Wells are constructed of heavy 18-gauge galvanized steel that is powder coated white on the inside and tan on the outside over the galvanized finish. They require no on-site assembly. Well kits are available in either 42”, 49” or 55” widths and 48” or 60” depths.  

Economy Sloped Covers:

The Economy Sloped Clam Shell Clip-on Egress Covers are made from polycarbonate plastic resin that is treated against yellowing and crazing (spider webbing) prior to the fabrication of the sheet material and comes with a 15-year Limited Warranty. Polycarbonate (LEXAN) is the same material that football helmets are made of. These Covers sit 1 ½” high at the foundation wall and slop to the well surfaces they are capable of holding up to 500 pounds.