Collection: Custom Stairwell Covers

Redi-Exit custom Hinged Egress Stairwell Covers are constructed of clear ¼” thick tempered glass with a 2” thick Vinyl frame, allowing the maximum amount of light to enter a stairwell and when combined with an Entry Door having a Glass Window lets a lot of light into your basement.

These beautiful hinged stairwell covers are a great way to cover a basement door installed either totally below ground level or when sitting partially above ground level. These covers can be custom built in a number of styles as shown in the photos below and with or without Handles

Our Custom Stairwell Covers can be custom designed to work with any size and style stairwell.

Redi-Exit structural hinged stairwell covers can hold up to 400 pounds, allowing someone to accidently stand on the cover without falling in or to a handle a heavy snow load while keeping the interior of the stairwell clean and dry. They are sloped so snow melt and rain will run off. Stairwell Covers can be designed with Full Glass, Half Glass or Solid Vinyl Lids

The lids on stairwell covers that run at a right angle to the foundation wall can be designed with a single lid that hinges on either the top or side of the well or a dual lid design that hinges on both sides of the stairwell.

Stairwells that are parallel to the foundation wall are designed with a series of hinged lids; the number being determined by the width of the stairwell opening.

The cover is supplied with gas filled lifters that make the Lids easy to open while preventing them from slamming closed. This system makes the cover simple for a child or a frail elderly person to open during an emergency.

Our Redi-Exit Hinged Egress Stairwell Covers come with a 15-year limited warranty.