Designer Window Well Cover

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  • A Custom Tempered Glass Well Covers can be built to fit any size or shape Window Well you may have.
  • These heavy duty structural hinged well covers can hold 400 pounds, allowing someone to stand on the cover without falling in or to a handle a heavy snow load.
  • Custom Covers are designed to fasten to the top of the well by use of u-channels and hinge open like a child’s toy box. They’re sloped so snow melt and rain will run off.
  • The covers are supplied with two gas filled lifters for each cover section that make the cover easy to open while preventing them from slamming closed on little fingers. This system makes the cover simple for a child to open during an emergency.
  • These beautiful tempered glass covers are a great way to cover your Egress and Non-Egress Wells when your Window is installed totally in the well or when it sits partially above the well.
  • Our Deluxe Custom Sized Covers comes with a 15-year limited warranty and are our best egress cover.

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