Deluxe Custom Awning and Hopper Basement Windows

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Size: 32" W x 16" H x 8" D
Sale price$329.00


  • Reversible if poured incorrectly – Header, jamb and sill parts snap-in for correction

  • Window can be poured in place as an Awning or a Hopper

  • Handles are die-cast and powder coated; Hinges are corrosion proof

  • All vinyl frame is maintenance free – No painting or rusting • Wood braced to support window during the concrete pour

  • Window is poly-wrapped before pour to prevent any concrete getting on window

  • Fiberglass full screen is removable from the inside

  • Sash is removable from the inside

  • 3/4” insulated Low-E glass is standard

  • Both sash and frame are weeped for superior water drainage to the outside

  • Sash is double weather-stripped to protect from outside weather infiltration

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