We Supply Egress Windows & Window Wells Throughout Pennsylvania

Redi-Exit has been providing egress windows and egress window wells to communities throughout Pennsylvania since 2003. We sell the best REDI-EXIT brand products to provide members of your household or business with an easy exit from your basement in case of fire or smoke. Our windows create an aesthetically pleasing solution to keeping your building compliant with state and international regulations.

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Egress Windows

Egress windows are an emergency exit for a home or business, required by many states. Our egress windows provide natural light and ventilation to a basement, but more importantly, they provide a potentially life-saving exit in case of a fire or smoke related emergency.

We carry different types of windows including the following:

  • Single Hung In-swing Window: Ideal window for compact spaces, and does not interfere with window well covers, has a 20 year warranty
  • Casement Outswing Window: An easy-to-use option, ideal for wide windows and window wells
  • Casement In-swing Window: Ideal for compact spaces, meets Energy Star requirements and available with a 20-year warranty
  • Egress 48” Sliding Basement Window: Meets Energy Star requirements and comes with a 10-year warranty

We make sure to follow International Residential Code (IRC) for all our products. IRC required dimensions include a minimum of 20 inches wide clear opening, 24 inches tall clear opening, and 5.7 square feet of net clear opening.

Egress Window Wells

Built around a basement window, egress window wells hold back the soil to provide a space through which people can escape in an emergency. They also work together with egress windows to let in light and ventilation.

We stock a variety of wells to meet your specifications, as well as all IRC legal requirements. They include the following:

  • Economy Series
  • Compact Economy Series
  • Designer Series
  • Deluxe Compact Series
  • Garden Step

IRC requirements include a minimum of 36 inches for both the horizontal projection and the vertical width, with a minimum surface area of 9 square feet. Window wells deeper than 44″ must have a permanently mounted escape ladder, which may encroach into the well up to 6″. The ladder rungs must be at least 12″ wide, no more than 18″ apart, and project from the wall 3-6″.

Custom Egress Windows, Wells, & Covers

Our custom products include casement in-swing egress windows, which are small in size to accommodate limited installation space while meeting the IRC Code requirement of a minimum of 5.7 square feet of clear area. We also supply custom compact single-hung in-swing windows, designed to work with all of our wells. Our staff will consider building and state requirements as well as client specifications before making professional recommendations.

Accessories for Egress Windows & Window Wells

Our accessories enhance and complete solutions. Bolt-on and hanging ladders enable easy exit in an emergency. Well cover clip kits keep covers from blowing off in windy conditions.

Egress Code Requirements for the State of Pennsylvania

Per IRC requirements, all finished basements and basement bedrooms must have two ways out. The basement steps to the first floor comprise one way. The second way is an emergency egress window or door to the outside. Pennsylvania state codes require that egress windows and egress window wells must meet the requirements of “PA Labor & Industry Department’s Uniform Construction Code,” which follows the IRC.