At Redi-Exit, we supply egress windows and egress window wells to commercial and residential properties to make sure that every family and individual has a way out in case of fire. All of our products meet International Residential Code (IRC) regulations, as well as those of local New York state governments.

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Egress Windows

Egress windows serve as an alternative way out of any building if common exits are blocked during an emergency. Redi-Exit proudly supplies homes and businesses with egress windows that are easy to use at any age, as they open quickly with a simple release knob. In addition to our double-pane windows, which are made of durable glass that will last ten years or longer, we stock the following products:

  • Standard Double Hung Egress Window: Large and easy-to-use windows with options for limited or no warranty
  • Casement Outswing Egress Window: The perfect built-to-last option for wide windows and window wells
  • Standard 48” Sliding Basement Egress Window: An ideal choice for 3 1/4″ jamb windows
  • Egress 48” Sliding Basement Egress Window: 10-year warranties are available for this Energy Star compliant window
  • Single Hung In-swing Egress Window: 20-year warranties are available for this dual function option
  • Casement In-swing Egress Window: Smallest egress window available with a 20-year warranty

For egress windows, the IRC requires the minimum width of the clear opening to be 20 inches and the minimum height to be 24 inches. The minimum net clear opening is 5.7 square feet or 5.0 square feet for ground floor windows. The window sill height maximum is 44 inches off the floor.

Egress Window Wells

An egress window well also functions to help individuals escape a building in the event of a fire emergency. Window wells, however, are located outside of basement windows and used to hold back the soil. Many municipalities require egress window wells as part of safety codes for buildings, and Redi-Exit is well-versed in these requirements. Our egress window wells come in sturdy materials such as fiberglass, polyethylene, galvanized steel, and vinyl.

Some of our popular options are as follows:

  • Economy Series
  • Compact Economy Series
  • Designer Series
  • Deluxe Compact Series
  • Garden Step

The IRC requires that the horizontal projection and vertical width of an egress window well be a minimum of 36 inches, with a minimum surface area of nine square feet. Window wells are also required to have a permanently mounted escape ladder if they are deeper than 44 inches. The well ladder can encroach into the well up to a six-inch maximum. The distance between the ladder rungs must be 12 inches wide or greater and must project at least three inches but no more than six inches away from a wall.

Custom Egress Windows and Well Covers

Redi-Exit also offers custom products which we design with your personal specifications and municipality laws in mind. We are also the only providers of the casement in-swing and compact single hung in-swing windows. We can custom-size egress windows in widths up to 60 inches and heights up to 76 inches. Our wells range in heights from 9 to 98 inches high and widths from 36 inches to 16 feet wide. The wells we provide can reach depths up to 94 inches.

Accessories for Egress Windows & Window Wells

Our egress window accessories include sturdy hanging egress well ladders, as well as well cover clips to keep covers in place and avoid the buildup of leaves or snow in the window well.

Egress Code Requirements for the State of New York

According to the International Residential Code, finished basements and basement bedrooms are required to have at least two ways out, including stairs to the first-floor exit and an egress window or door in the event of an emergency. These precautions ensure that occupants can escape safely and emergency response teams can enter. In New York, safety measures must also follow the Residential Codes of New York State (RCNYS) Section R310.