Egress Windows

Few of us think of windows as lifesaving equipment, but they are! Bedroom windows that are properly equipped for egress in the event of an emergency can be the difference between life and death.

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Egress Window Wells

The current International Residential Building Code (IRC) requires that an egress well has a minimum of 9 square feet of surface area and project out 36 inches off the foundation wall. It also requires that an egress well deeper than 44 inches must have either a ladder or steps to allow for safe exit.

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Window Well Covers

The REDI-EXIT® Egress Window Well Covers meet most building codes including the IRC code, can handle a heavy snow load and are UV stabilized to minimize spider webbing and discoloration.

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Window Well Accessories

REDDCO Inc offers a variety of Basement Egress Well Accessories including Egress Well ladders; Well Cover Clips for both steel and custom fabricated Egress Wells; and a Well Cover Locking System.

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BILCO® Basement Doors

BILCO Basement Doors are an ideal way to add outside access to basement storage areas. The wide opening allows access for storage of large items such as deck and patio furniture at the end of summer, or to easily move pool tables, furniture, appliances, water heaters, or new heating systems into the basement.

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Commercial Doors

REDDCO Inc specializes in working with Architects, Contractors, and end users to specify, design and fabricate a wide variety of fire rated and nonfire rated Standard or Custom Steel and Wood Doors, Steel Frames, Glass Transoms and Sidelites, as well as Steel Framed Glass Window Walls, for new or replacement, Commercial, Educational, Medical, Military, Office or Industrial applications.

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Fire Escape Ladders

Everyone knows there should be a second way out of a bedroom in case your first method of escape is blocked by smoke or fire. Second and third floor bedrooms need a simple yet fast and effective alternative fire escape route. The lives of your family can be saved with a dependable fire escape ladder such as the one's available from REDDCO Inc.

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Fire Escape Platforms

REDI-EXIT® Modular Platforms are manufactured of rust free aluminum in easy to handle pieces that allow them to be assembled without the use of a crane or other special lifting equipment. Two men can install a platform in about 4 hours.

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

The Redi-Exit smoke and CO alarms are a very important means of preventing house and apartment fatalities by providing an early warning signal -- so you and your family can escape.

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Fire Extinguishers

REDDCO Inc carries a full line of KIDDE, BADGER and BUCKEYE Fire Extinguishers for home, office, recreational, school, restaurant, work shop, automobile, marine, industrial, electrical and workplace use.


Egress WindowsEgress Windows
5 styles of stock and custom sizes that meet the current Egress Codes
Egress Window WellsEgress Window Wells & Covers
7 styles of standard stock wells from 36"-79" wide & 24"-84" deep that meet the current Egress Codes
Egress Window WellsNon-Egress Basement Windows and Wells
Custom sized new & replacement Hooper, Awning, & Sliding Windows and Wells
Window Well CoversCustom Wells & Covers
Egress Wells & Covers up to 192" wide & 96" deep. Replacement & New Construction Covers. Custom size retaining walls.
Window Well AccessoriesWindow Well Accessories
3 styles of replacement & new construction Egress Well Ladders, Bolt-on & Hanging
Bilco DoorsBILCO® Basement Doors
4 styles of cellar doors for new & replacement construction
Fire Escape LaddersFire Escape Ladders
2 & 3-story chain & 1 to 4 story permanently installed aluminum ladders
Fire Escape LadderFire Escape Platforms
Standard modular 4' x 3' aluminum and custom sized platforms
Smoke AlarmsSmoke Alarms
Large variety of ion, photo, & microchip sensor, battery or 120 volt powdered detectors
Carbon Monoxide AlarmsCarbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms
Large variety of plug-in & wall-mounted 120 volt & battery operated alarms
Commercial DoorsCommercial Doors
New construction & replacement, standard & custom, interior & exterior, fire & non-fire rated Doors, Frames, & Hardware


I finally got around to installing the window well covers this weekend. They look great and only took about 2 hours to install both of them. Typical story; the first one took an hour and a half, the second one took half an hour. I feel a lot better about letting my kids run around in the back yard. I've included a few pictures of the finished product and one of my "helper."

Thanks again.
Brian Pickar

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