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Replacement Doors - Commercial Custom Sized Doors

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There are times an existing Commercial Door gets damaged or wears out and needs to be replaced, but the existing Door Frame is still in good shape. REDDCO Inc is expert in working with Contractors, and end users to build Commercial Custom Sized Replacement Steel and Wood, Single and Double (Pair) Doors to fit any existing opening.

We can also kit your order with all the hardware needed to install a replacement Single or Double (Pair), Door. Our specialists can help to assure your replacement door installs easily into the existing frame and fits perfectly.

Commercial Custom Sized Replacement Doors can be manufactured in heights, widths and with hardware configurations to fit any existing opening.

Our Custom Sized Replacement Fire Doors can be fire labeled for 15, 30, 45, and 90 minute or 3 hour ratings. These Fire Doors can be supplied with either a UL labeled 10" x 10" or a 5" x 20" , 1/4" thick wire Glass Vision Window, or in larger window sizes using Ceramic Fire Glass, in our UL Licensed Shop, prior to shipping.

We can also kit your order with any Commercial Hardware needed to install a new replacement Door such as Hinges, Locksets, Panic Bar Exit Devices, Door Closers, Thresholds, Door Sweeps, and Door Seals to name a few.

Just fill out our Door Replacement Forms, email them to us and we'll be happy to quote a replacement door.

REDIEXIT® Commercial Interior and Exterior replacement Doors, have a limited lifetime warranty, and a 2 year limited warranty on Door Hardware.

Replacement Door Quote Sheet.

Download Door Replacement Worksheet

Download Door Replacement Frame Worksheet

To get a quote for a replacement door we need information about both the existing door and the existing door frame since we need to fit the new replacement door in to the existing frame. Please fill out both the Door Measurement form and the Frame Measurement form and email them to

Steel Interior Door Pair with
Lever Lockset, Closer,
Vertical Panic Bar

Steel Exterior Door with
Continuous Hinge, 5x20
Window, Lever Lock Set

Wood Interior Door
with 5x20 Window, Closer,
Door Sweep, & Hinges

Steel Exterior Door
with 10x10 window
Vertical Panic Bar & Closer

Steel Doors with 5x20 Window,
Kick Panels, Push Panels

Wood Doors with
Glass Panels

Wood Doors with Glass Lites

Steel Door Pair with Louvered Vents

Wood Hospital Door

Wood Office Door