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Fire Escape Ladders

Are you aware that the United States has one of the highest fire death rates in the industrialized world? Over 10 people die and 50 are injured in residential fires every day. 50% of these deaths occur during the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., when most people are a sleep, although only 25% of residential fires occur during those hours.

Why does this happen? One major reason is people get trapped in their second floor bedrooms when hallways and stairwells fill with smoke. It can take a while for a fire to spread blocking an escape route, but it can take less than one to two minutes for smoke to block the same escape route.

Most people who perish in fires die from smoke inhalation, not burns. They get trapped because smoke quickly fills the hallway outside of their bedroom and they don’t have a second way out.

REDDCO offers both portable chain style and permanently attached Fire Escape Ladders that gives you a second way out.

NOTE: Fire Escape Ladders are intended to supplement (not replace) the more important fire protection principles of practice fire drills, emergency exit plans, working smoke alarms, etc.


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Redi Exit Fire Escape Ladders
Redi Exit Fire Escape Ladders

The REDI-EXIT® Fire Escape Ladder is a permanently mounted escape system that attaches outside a bedroom window, looking very similar to a downspout in its normally closed position. Just press the red release knob to open the REDI-EXIT Fire Escape Ladder.

The REDI-EXIT Fire Escape Ladder requires no heavy lifting to deploy and the ladder rungs are spaced 11" apart, making it easy for young children and the elderly to use.

Kidde Fire Escape Ladders -Chain Type
Kidde Fire Escape Ladders -Chain Type

The Kidde 2 and 3-story Fire escape Ladder is strong, light weight and attaches quickly to the window sill.

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